3. Being Male: 3. Building a Better Man

If feminism is not about power, per se, but about freedom from fear and if men were the source of fear, then it stood to reason that a new man must be built. But how shall we build him? What tools will be required and where, oh where, did we go so horribly wrong?

At conception, it would appear.

One evening, after too many drinks, your mom and your dad decided to share chromosomes. In what was their first, and probably only, display of complete domestic equality, your parents contributed the same amount of chromosomes to make you in all your fabulous glory. To be exact, you are 23 pairs of chromosomes. The first 22 pairs are called autosomes. Where all the trouble begins is on the 23rd or the last pair of chromosomes, the sex chromosomes. The sex chromosomes have two flavors, X or Y. Your mom, always reliable, provided an X chromosome. Thus proving that she did love all her children the same.

Your dad, on the other hand, he was a little more unpredictable. He may offer an X chromosome or he may offer a Y chromosome. Sort of depends on his mood. If your dad coughed up an X, you had the girl potential. If it was a Y, you be leaning toward mannishness.