27. Summary: 2013

1. Feminism by Proxy

  • How most men become exposed to feminism.

2. The Narrow View of Feminism

  • Men are a source of fear.

3. Building a Better Man

  • Men begin at  conception.

4. Marching to Mannishness: Chromosome Version

  • Nettie Maria Stevens and the chromosomal determination of sex.

5. When Women Mutate, You Get Men

  • The Y chromosome is a degraded copy of the X chromosome.

6. Everything Must End, Even Men

  • Will the Y chromosome eventually disappear?

7. Testosterone. What is it Good For?

  • Testosterone during the fetal stage makes men.

8. Testosterone: Too Much is Never Enough

  • Levels of bioavailable testosterone among men seems are decreasing independent of the aging process.

9. Men, Testosterone, and Pharmaceutical Companies

  • The growing industry of testosterone replacement products.

10. Testosterone. If It Doesn’t Kill You, It Will Make You Stronger

  • The long-term impact of supraphysiological doses of testosterone.

11. Old Man Testosterone

  • The long-term impact of testosterone replacement therapy.

12. Deja Vu All Over Again

  • Testosterone replacement treatment for men as compared to hormone replacement therapy for women.

13. Heart Attack of Love

  • High levels of cardiac events among men receiving testosterone replacement.

14. Sick Versus Slick. Testosterone, Differential Diagnosis, and Marketing

  • Testosterone replacement therapy is driven by direct-to-consumer marketing by pharmaceutical companies.

15. Test Your Testosterone

  • Pharmaceutical companies that sell testosterone replacement products rely on non-specific symptoms.

16. Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males (ADAM)

  • Beyond reduced sex drive, testosterone deficiency does not follow any consistent pattern.

17. Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard

  • A description of the 19th century research of Brown-Séquard.

18. True Positives, False Positives, and the Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males (ADAM) Questionnaire

  • A review of diagnostic statistics.

19. Sensitivity, Specificity, and Predictive Values

  • More diagnostic statistics.

20. Science Reporting. How to tell the Good from the Lazy

  • General advice when reading science journalism.

21. Bayes’ Theorem

  • A review of Bayes’ theorem and an introduction to base rates and prevalence.

22. The Base-Rate Fallacy

  • We do not consider base rates or prevalence when making a decision.

23. The Bayesian Belief: 1. Thomas Bayes and Richard Price

  • Thomas Bayes and his coauthor Richard Price.

24. The Bayesian Belief: 2. The Divine Richard Price

  • Richard Price saw Bayes’ work as a method of uncovering the presence of God.

25. The Bayesian Belief: 3. The Sestercentennial of Thomas Bayes and Richard Price

  • The possible connection between David Hume, Richard Price, and Thomas Bayes.

26. Thinking about Christmas. Thinking about Science. Thinking about Faith

  • Bayesian probability and faith.



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