31. A Man in St. Kitts

How my father viewed manliness was very different than how I saw being a man.  But to be fair to him, how I described being a man when I was younger has changed since I have grown older.  Things change and we scramble to keep up.

How men are defined changes not only across time but across place.  I was reminded of this recently when I was in St. Kitts and a Kittitian woman suggested that my manliness might be suspect.  I was puzzled by this at first until I realized that she was making reference to the way in which I had just bent my wrist.  Well that, and I was the only man at a cooking class.

My understanding of heterosexual and homosexual behavior focuses on which form of genitalia you prefer.  In St. Kitts (or at least to the woman to whom I was talking) it is all in the wrist.  I could have engaged her in a geo-socio-political-anatomical discussion.  But I was on holidays and I didn’t really care what she thought of me one way or the other.

So I smiled and said nothing.

31. St Kitts Coat of Arms