35. Blog Map: One Year

April 2014 marks the first year anniversary of this blog.  This blog consists of a running theme – Man Science –  with each post (generally) connected to the last post.  Periodically, I do go off on a tangent but eventually everything works its way back.

I have constructed a map of this blog to demonstrate how things fit together.  As so:

35. Map
In the last several posts I have been pondering inductive reasoning with a focus on Aristotle.  This does represent somewhat of a sub-theme and does not seem to have anything to do with Man Science.  Science, yes.  Man Science, no.

However, if you hang in there and keep reading, I will be constructing the argument that Aristotle’s work remains quite prominent in contemporary Man Science.

In fact, in my opinion, how we define what it is to be a man remains very Aristotlean.  Or Victorian.  Take your pick.  Same thing.

The underlying foundation of mannishness rests in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.  It will take me awhile to get to this argument (I still have to work my way through Aristotle’s logic, the science of Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton, and then circle back to Bayes, Price, and Hume).

If you want to pre-explore this topic, I recommend that you read Browne’s (1850) translation of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and, in particular, look over Book VII.


35. Nicomachean Ethics