60. The Laundry Pixie

For centuries, we have been fascinated by the wee folk: fairies, pixies, and sprites. Most are harmless and many are helpful and benevolent creatures. Yet, it can be quite disturbing if you feel that one of these magical creatures has taken up residence in your home. But, do not fear, with a little information and helpful advice, you can learn to live with these amazing friends.

The Laundry Pixie

Although laundry pixies are quite common, these wonderful creatures are rarely noticed by men. To tell if your house is enchanted by a laundry pixie, just drop your shirt on the floor and, if that shirt is magically moved to the laundry hamper — you have a laundry pixie!

Folklore tells us that men should try to avoid a laundry pixie. Men who try to make contact with these creatures, while they are performing their magic, may become trapped.

Men snared by a laundry pixie may sometimes be transformed into the most rarest of all creatures:  the male laundry pixie.

Best to look away.

Laundry Pixie