64. Every Man is an Island

Men are solitary creatures.  We tend to put all our emotional eggs in one basket:  usually our romantic partner or our female person-of-interest.  This, of course, is a risky strategy and can lead to a fairly desperate emotional void should we lose our primary, and only, emotional relationship. Why do we do this?

First, our emotional needs tend not to be overly complex and one close relationship normally fills us up quite well, thank you very much.  In fact, we can barely handle the emotional demands required by that one relationship.  Men, generally, are not emotionally promiscuous.

Second, any relationship of emotional depth invariably leads to some conflict.  Contrary to public opinion, most men try to just get along and we try to avoid conflict at all costs.  So, fewer emotional relationships equals fewer chances of conflict.

Men, of course, have male friendships and will, upon occasion, congregate.  But voluntary male grouping requires at the very least a drink and/or some form of real or metaphorical weapon, such as a golf club, a hockey stick, a baseball bat, or a circular saw.  In the absence of these basic items, frankly, what is the point in hanging out with another guy?

The only men’s groups that I am aware of that meet regularly are the involuntary or court-ordered kind.
And that is a truly sad comment on the current status of men and their relationships with other men.
64. Mens Group