73. Male Responsibility Syndrome. It’s Time for a Cure

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The problem of MRS

Male responsibility syndrome (MRS) is a much under-diagnosed and serious disorder that, if left untreated, can cause significant harm to men, women, and their relationships. MRS — the inability to take responsibility for one’s behavior — normally emerges in childhood but will typically resolve with age and the maturation process.  Yet, for some men, this disorder may continue throughout adulthood and it is currently estimated to affect 10 to 100 percent of the adult male population.

How is MRS detected?

Hallmark symptoms of MRS are the three D’s — defensiveness, deflection, and denial.  Any one of these symptoms, alone or in combination, may suggest that you or someone you love may be suffering from MRS.

Simple screening tests are available for MRS and early detection is critical to arrest the risk for long-term and potentially irreversible MRS.  Current clinical guidelines recommend the MRS challenge test.

For example, if the question: “Did you remember to pick the children up from school?” is answered with “How dare you call me irresponsible! ” you may be seeing incipient signs of defensiveness.  If the response is: “What’s for dinner?”, then it is highly likely that there may be the presence of deflection. Finally, if the answer is: “We have children?” then denial may be indicated.

Is a cure imminent?  Sadly, no.  It will be a long hard journey before we can cure MRS.  But with your help, anything is possible. We can’t do it without you.  Really we can’t. We don’t know how.

Please help us to help ourselves to get help to help ourselves.

73. MRS Foundation