78. Canada Revenue Agency Scam (866-625-0004)(800-931-1026)

Haven’t blogged for awhile.  Pretty busy.

Anyhow, I keep receiving phone calls from supposedly the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  So far, I have received over ten calls in the past two weeks.

When they call, they ask that you return a call to their office as soon as possible.

Now, because all of us are scared of the CRA, the first reaction is to call back.  They also reference your business and corporate number.  That is a convincing touch.  They also sound incredibly bored.  That also adds a patina of reality.

But, I tend to be suspicious and a few things suggest that whomever is calling might not be the Canada Revenue Agency.  First, they ask you to call back 866-625-0004.  But the actual number from where the call originates is 800-931-1026.  That is a little odd.

A quick search on the Government of Canada website fails to match either of those numbers.

The other give-away is that they indicate that you can call back anytime Monday to Friday between the hours of 7AM to 11PM.

I have been in contact with various departments of the Canadian government throughout the years.  None of those departments in my experience are ever open much later than 5PM and there is no way any of them will be open at 7AM.

Verdict:  Scam.

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